Tuesday, December 22, 2009


How old are you? 15 year When did you start blogging? About a year, but this is my second blog What kind of powder do you use? I.D What made you start a blog? I was addicted to blogs so I wanted to check it out Do you love Tilla? Oh yes Who is your favorite blogger? Jane Aldridge, Hanneli Mustaparta, Fashion toast, Knight Cat ++ Do you have many friends in your class? I have some Can't you make a header with pictures of yourself? I think headers with pictures is too much. I like it simple What do you school think about your style? Some thinks my style is kind of weird, but they usually don't care What are your christmas wishes? Acne clothes, Canada Goose (you really need a warm jacket for the Norwegian winters), Mulberry clutch for my Mac What do you wanna be when you grow up? a designer What is your favorite piece in your wardrobe? Many things like my vintage sweater. I really love black clothes Do you have any animals? a dog and a cat Where do you get inspiration? Other blogs, street, magazines Which is your favorite magazine? Norwegian Costume, Vogue, Elle ++ Do you blog to get more friends? LOL What do you wear when it's cold? Uggs and a warm jacket Do you have a boyfriend? No but I wish I had Do you smoke? NO! But it looks cool Who are your idols? JANE ALDRIDGE How many bf do you got? 4 What did you buy for your friends 4 x-mas? Hush.. Why are you so pale? Do you take solarium at all? I'm a norwegian, that's why. And no, I don't want skin cancer Do you read any norwegian blogs? I think norwegian blogs are really boring. To much about people's life.. What would you change on your body if you had the chance? make my nose smaller Favorite song at the moment? Hide and seek - Imogean Heap Can you post a outfit soon? Jepp, I'll try as soon as possible

Thanx for the questions! Love you all

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