Sunday, December 13, 2009

Iphone pics

Family dinner with the coolest family in the world! :)
And this is what I wore today. You don't have to tell me that the quality suck, I'm not a photographer.
This weekend was so stressful. Work, gingerbread baking, school work and much more. Hate the weekends that are scheduled, I like to be a little bit more spontaneous.

Just gotta show you this pic I snapped Saturday. The sky was PINK! I thought I was  in heaven.
Btw I'm wondering if I should have a Q & A session. What do you think about that? And maybe I will answer some questions on videoblog?


  1. Jaaa! Så fin Gina!
    We are the coolest family!

  2. yeah! videoblog :D

  3. The pink sky is lovely..Yes, you should do a video! I love this outfit, great belt! xoxo ava

  4. Videoblog :D :D jippiiiiiiiii!!!! YOU SHOULD DO IT.