Thursday, October 01, 2009


Shopping with Karen today :) Visited one of the most famous vintage shops in Oslo, Velouria    Vintage. I've heard it was so nice and stuff, but I didn't find too many nice things. Only a knitted sweater with pearls and sequins on the shoulders. I'll show it to you later :) 

And on H&M I found this sweater. So simple, but so AMAZING! Unfortunately it was a size too small, so I didn't bought it.  Also tried on a dress from H&M's new collection, Divided Exclusive, check it out on Karen's blog! 

AND todays outfit!

Jacket: Alexander Wang- copy
Pants: H&M
Tee: Lee
Scarf: Zara
Glasses: Vintage

Now I'm drinking hot cocoa with cream, very nice. I was (and I'm still) freezing my hands off. It's soo cold in Norway(!) and the black thing in my face is a feather! Hahah..

Later guys! :) Xoxo


  1. i love your hair in the first picturee Gina!! ^^ an of course, lovely clothes ;D <3<3

  2. fin blogg gina!:)fin genser du har på deg på det første bildt har den jeg å:) keep on god work!
    klem fra elise!

  3. Elise :) Tuusen takk! Elsker den genseren! :)