Friday, August 21, 2009

Question and answer :)

Hey guys! I´m going to have a question round, so ask whatever you want to! Everybody that stops by, reads, goes through my blog- ASK! :) I also wants feedback from you. Nice comments makes me happy and inspires me to blog! It would be lovely with some more comments :) Have a nice weekend blogbabes! Kisses


  1. Hey Gina!
    You have a really nice blog and the photos of u are damn nice! I have some questions that I wanna ask :)
    1. What´s your inspiration, and where do you get it from?
    2. Where do you get all the photos from?
    3. What´s your favorite blog?
    4. who is your idol?

    As I said before, Love your blog, I´m visiting it all the time! Keep up the good work!
    Xoxo- Emma

  2. What kind of makeup do you use??

  3. Sorry, I just have to say something...when you ask us if we can ask you questions, aren't you suppose to like answer them? Here are 2 people asking you questions and you have'nt even answered them...then I really see the point in having a question and ANSWERING thing goiong on here...Im just telling:) But exept from that! Nice blog :D

  4. Haha :) I was actually going to post your questions and my answers. But i hadn´t got any questions a few days ago, but now I have many. Going to make a post now :)