Sunday, August 09, 2009

A bite from the Big Apple

Me at the ferry to Ellis Island The Statue of Liberty. Maybe it looks small, but in real it´s huge. Skyline- Manhattan. Where you see the lift cranes is Ground Zero. Central Park Guggenheim- I´m not an art fanatic, so Guggenheim and MoMA wasn´t my thing. The view from my room- The Christler building was so beautiful at night. Skyscrapers seen from Central Park The Apple building on Manhattan. I had such a great time in New York. I hope to come back next summer! Absolutely the best vacation I ever been to. xoxo Gina


  1. fiiine bilder Poppy :D:D <3 du er så ufattelig pen på det øverste bildet :O blir heeelt satt ut jeg! :D <3<3

  2. Niice pictures:D You are so lucky, I want to go to NY too :D love ya <3