Friday, April 09, 2010

The end of the road.

I have decided to shut down my blog. Haven't been this unmotivated to blog before and it just takes so much time. I will not delete it, but it's no longer in operation. 
To be honest it's kind of sad but it had to end someday, right?
Thank you so much for following my blog. Love you all!
Here is a little mix of blogging through the year:


  1. noo, its sad:(( but maybe a good thing too, now u can focus some more on school, haha! it has been fun reading your blog sweetie:))

  2. Nå ble vi veldig lei oss! Vi leser bloggen din hver dag og vi får masse inspo fra den! Dette var kjempe dumt! Håper du kommer tilbake en dag!:):)

  3. Dette liker jeg ikke!! Kom tilbake fort..elsker denne bloggen!:)

  4. Neei ikke slett den, Gina!! lesere den hver dag!!:)

  5. noo why you have to end the blog?? :((
    ah i hope you will resume again someday!