Thursday, November 12, 2009

it's all about me

Hey ho! Someone wanted to hear more about me, so here we go:

♥ 15 year old
♥ live in Oslo, Norway
♥ Have a brother + a dog and a cat
♥ love shopping, cliché I know  
♥ have a blog because I love to blog
♥ I'm a fake ginger, my natural color is dark blond
♥ Like school
♥ Wants to start yoga
♥ Love to wear make up
♥ Wish I could walk in high heels everyday
♥ My favorite store is H&M
♥ Hate to wear earplugs, so I never rally listen to music
♥ hate people who attends Kick a ginger day
♥ I'm married to my LV suitcases
♥ Wish I could post more outfits, but don't know how I get self-timer
♥ I'm a daddy girl

Hope you got some answers :)


  1. Love the ashley's pic!
    Hahahaha I'm a daddy girl too(;

  2. *really , bad english

  3. So cool, i didn't
    know this stuff about you.
    You are so cool! :D:D

  4. I loooove you :) <33333 you are my peeews