Saturday, September 19, 2009

In my dreams

Lace up by Chloé. I think I am in heaven.
I´m really sorry for my slowly updating this week. Everything is just so busy these days. 
Anyways my weekend has been the best ever! Hope you´ve done something fun - love you xoxox


  1. They were cool! Reminds me of, you know this mountain boots, only with heels :P
    Best weekend ever! ;D Xoxo<3

  2. you seariously need to update more often.. you started great, and now its been a week since u last updated! Not good! A real blogger is updating more than once a day! Just a tip if you want to get many readers..

  3. I knoW, but i am on holiday, so it is kind of hard.. But when i am back i will update. And i know, i am a really bad blogger :-/ but thanx for reading my blog :-)